Dr. Rob and Dr. Ed care about their patients and listen carefully to their needs!

- Stacie

Wonderful doctors and staff! On a mission to make people truly healthier.

- Paul

Amoskeag Chiropractic Rocks.... Great place... Very friendly relaxing place to get on path to total heath. Highly recommend!

- Donna

I have seen them starting at 33 weeks pregnant . Not only has it been beneficial , but the staff and doctors go above and beyond to make you feel like family . I learn something new every time I go in there . They really want to not only educate , but heal, and maintain. I am so thankful to have found this practice . You are doing yourself a disservice by not giving this practice a try , you won't regret it ! I am so glad I chose chiropractic care , even more glad it's with this dedicated staff/ team !

- Ashley

Went twice this week! I had been experiencing leg cramps and sleepless nights prior to joining this office. Dr. Ryan, Dr. Ed and the entire staff welcome each patient into their educational and friendly environment. The open concept of the office also enables patients to benefit from the questions other patients may have in regards to their care. Not only do you receive the treatment enabling the body to heal, but continuous education regarding new information relating to chiropractic care. You aren't simply "cracked" and sent on your way. They take the time to address any concerns as well as share the information they have learned at seminars attended. They take the time to assess your individual care plan and provide exercises for the patient to perform in the comfort of their home. They have even provided classes on how you can use everyday household items to exercise and promote wellness. In my opinion, it is one stop shopping for anyone dealing with not just back issues, but overall health. I would encourage everyone to seek treatment at their office. My leg cramps are gone and so are the sleepless nights!!

- Adrianne

Amazing practice! Everyone really cares about your health and keeping you feeling great. Dr. Ryan and the rest of the staff go the extra mile to make sure you feel like family, understand the chiropractic process, and answer any questions you might have. A+++

- Jason

5 family members are walking stronger and sleeping sounder. Lifting deadweght, carrying kids, sitting a lot, driving a lot ... you know you know those aches? We used to, too! It is hard to perceive how much pain you are in or how much of your life it steals until the pain is gone. My pain is gone! I can climb stairs, walk as far as I want, and eve pick things up and put things down! Thanks to Dr. Pratt and his caring team I have my life back. 5 Stars and 10 Kudos!

- Lucy

We brought our 19-month-old daughter to see Dr. Ryan. She had been walking inconsistently for 2 months, but her steps looked stilted and uncomfortable, and she was showing no progress towards getting steady on her feet. She would often prefer to walk on her knees. She had an adjustment around 11 months with another chiropractor (we live in California) and started crawling a week later. Figuring there was something to that, and having known Dr. Ryan for a long time, we scheduled an appointment while visiting family in New Hampshire. After just two adjustments, our little girl began walking like a pro. Her steps became noticeably more fluid and her stride more sure - she wouldn't stop moving. Dr. Ryan was able to assess that due to her breech position for my entire pregnancy, her sacrum needed to be adjusted significantly. Not only have her steps improved and her confidence grown, but her digestion and appetite are also better. We really can't thank Amherst Family Chiropractic enough for starting our munchkin on a path to being a stronger, healthier, and happier toddler.

- Amy

Amherst Family Chiropractic is one of the best providers around, I've seen other Chiropractors in the past, and none were as informative, knowledgeable and truly focused on the overall well being of the patient. AFC isn't just focused on adjustments, they focus on health, and educating their patients on ways they can take care of themselves better with proper nutrition, exercise and use of natural remedies. Every week there is a new article about something natural you can use to eliminate symptoms sitting on the seats when I come in. My wife and I both go once each week and have been going now for about a year and the results are amazing, she doesn't suffer from Migraines anymore, my lower back and neck pain is gone and its entertaining to chat with the staff and Dr, Ryan.

- Brian

I go here! And I feel better because I do go here! Thank you Dr. Rusher! Dr. Rusher has helped me with my neck and arm problems. I was unable to lift my right arm and had severe pain in my neck near my shoulders. It is now May, I have been going here since Feb. and I feel GREAT! All the adjustments have helped me to heal.

- Carol

It is hard to perceive how much pain you are in or how much of your life it steals until the pain is gone. My pain is gone! I can climb stairs, walk as far as I want, and even pick things up and put things down! Thanks to Dr. Pratt and his caring team I have my life back. 5 Stars and 10 Kudos!

- Lou

After enduring years of chronic lower and middle back pain, and trying various treatment options, I decided to seek Chiropractic treatment at Amherst Family Chiropractic. I lead a very active life so it was extremely important for me to find relief from the daily pain in order to maintain my job and lifestyle. I honestly was baffled by the relief that I felt after only five adjustments! It has been about two months (at 2 visits/wk for the 1st month and 1/wk for the 2nd) and it is rare for me to feel back pain at this point. I honestly do not know why I waited so long for such amazing natural relief! Thank you Dr. Ryan and Dr. Ed, I would be in so much pain without you guys!

- Tiffany

For years I had back issues; pinched nerve, sciatica, muscle spasms, general pain. In a matter of 10 days, Dr. Ed and Dr. Ryan were able to get me about 90% pain free! I can stand and cook at the stove, I can stand and wash dishes at the sink, and most importantly, I can pick up and hold my granddaughters for more than a minute or two!
If you've ever had headaches, back pain, or problems with joint discomfort as I did, go see Dr. Ed and Dr. Ryan!

- Tom

Amoskeag Chiropractic is a wonderful place! They heal you from the inside out. It is a very warm office with welcoming staff who, will do anything for their patients. If you have back pain go check em' out! Even if you don't have back pain but you have chronic migraines even asthma the doctors at Amoskeag Chiropractic can help! Not only is Amoskeag a Chiropractic service they also offer massage therapy in which they have a male and female therapist in office. Acupuncture is also part of their healing team!

- Marissa R.